Swim - Bike - Run

Troika: Noun - 'A group of three'
If you're doing a triathlon, we already know you're ambitious. Most of us can swim, bike and/or run - we just usually don't do them all on the same day - in succession! Endurance training and race apparel needs to be ambitious as well. You'll be swimming in it - riding in it and running across the finish line in it. Our striking prints ensure the finish line photos will have you looking fabulous!

The NEW Shebeest Troika Triathlon collection meets your needs and here's how!

Two NEW tops — Sleek Tri Troika Racerback with binding-free armholes to eliminate chafing OR Tri Troika Zip Tank that provides a little more coverage with zipper for controlled venting. Mesh-construction fabric with just enough stretch for comfort provides a quick-drying garment that won't retain water. Both tops feature mesh pockets to stow your nutrition. Longer in the back so you avoid the always possible 'bacon strip' burn.

Tri Gazelle Bra — Both of our tops are 'bra-free' - pair either with the New Shebeest Tri Gazelle Bra - OR - wear your favorite. (Let's face it, this is usually the most important wardrobe choice for any women's endurance activity and we know lots of you prefer your tried-and-true). Wide, comfortable straps, cross-back and cut away for maximum range of motion during the swim. Soft bustband elastic is densely knit so it won't collect sand.

Tri Petunia Short — 7" Inseam / Tri Troika Short - 5" Inseam
Our bottoms feature the Shebeest Trilastic chamois that’s ultra-thin, dries quickly for easy transition from swim to bike to run. Two inseams to choose from. Both feature wide, flat waistbands that are cut higher in the back for comfort in ride position. Tri-band cuffs offer light compression for stay-put-fit and are densely knit so won't collect sand. Dual stash pockets on either side of the waist provide sleek storage for additional nutrition.

Tri Petunia Bib — What? Did you say Tri-BIB?
This was fashioned after our popular Petunia Cycling Bib - providing a solution to that age-old issue of potty-stops, porta-potties and well - there's just nowhere to put your gear. The minimal halter-style straps allow you to pull up and over your head for hassle-free removal - WITHOUT getting completely undressed.

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