Our Mission

Developed by women riders specifically for women riders, Shebeest is dedicated to delivering cycling wear with impeccably tailored, on-the-bike fit and performance-boosting technical features without compromising flattering, feminine style. Each Shebeest piece is designed to empower the female cyclist to take on her own two-wheeled adventures that will energize and enhance her happiness, health, and spirit.

Real World Testing for Finely-Tuned Fit

Being avid cyclists ourselves, we are constantly testing on the roads and trails to ensure each garment fits and feels good for the intended purpose.

Quality Materials

We pursue the highest standards in fabric quality and latest technology. This means we are always reviewing our offerings and fine-tuning when we see an opportunity and a need. A Shebeest season can consist of 30-40 DIFFERENT fabrics – all with different properties. We work to assess each item for the best usage and placement for dynamic fit so you feel your best in the saddle.

Style and Color

Shebeest has always been known for its bold personality. Colors are fresh and fashion-forward. Prints are mixed and matched in a way that most designers would shy away from. Not us!