The printed legging craze is in full force and female cyclists have wanted this trend translated for their sport. Well, we heard them and we did something about it. Presenting the all new Petunia short and bib. Large, fully sublimated panels allow for more print coverage, which means more room for fashion. Maximize your style on the road! But the Petunia short and bib is not just a pretty face. As always, Shebeest prides itself on having great style, exceptional fit, and unbeatable performance. With these bottoms, less is more. Evolving from the days of counting panels, today the Petunia short and bib has no side panels and unique patterning with a nylon inseam panel for abrasion and opacity. Riding in these is insanely comfortable!

The bib features a halter strap rather than the typical over the shoulder suspenders. No more removing your jersey to go to the bathroom! After testing prototype after prototype, we finally had the idea to try it on backwards and discovered that the stretch could be anchored from the spine, providing ultimate support. The bibs stretch with you in the cycling position under the arms and behind the neck. Also, the halter is made from a large hole mesh material which allows for minimal coverage and maximum breathability.

We’re confident you will love the Petunia bib and short. Try them out for yourself! Look for the early release after Interbike.

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