The Benefits of Padded Women's Cycling Shorts at SheBeest

Cycling shorts with padding might seem like a product designed purely for convenience. But for female riders, the right pair can mean the difference between a journey full of pain and chafing versus an enjoyable ride focused on the road ahead.

At SheBeest, technical and thoughtful designers create cycling shorts tailored specifically for women's needs. Their anatomically designed chamois pads and moisture-wicking fabrics provide both comfort and protection mile after mile. Beyond padding, SheBeest shorts come in stylish, flattering fits, reflecting the growing popularity of cycling among women, not just as athletes but as everyday riders.

In the following post, we delve into how well-fitted, women-specific cycling shorts empower female riders for an optimal biking experience.

Comfort and Protection for Long Rides - What to Look For:

Image showing a cyclist wearing padded womens cycling shorts for comfort and protection during long rides

Padded women's cycling shorts are designed to provide ease during long rides. The padding, known as a chamois, is inserted into the shorts to cushion sensitive areas from chafing and saddle sores caused by friction with the bike seat. 

Padded Chamois for Cushioning

The chamois pad cushions your body against the bike seat. It prevents chafing and absorbs road vibrations. Chamois come in varying thicknesses, densities, and anatomies to support different rides. Thicker pads work better for long distances, while minimalist pads suit faster rides.

Well-designed women's chamois account for anatomical differences with strategically placed padding and shaping. This alleviates pressure on sensitive nerves and tissues. Go for cycling shorts with a women-specific chamois for the best fit and breathability.

Stylish and Functional Designs

Image showcasing stylish and functional designs of SheBeest padded womens cycling shorts


Women's cycling shorts combine technical features with flattering cuts designed for the female anatomy. Whether you bike commute or tackle challenging trails, there are cycling shorts to suit your needs.

Bib Shorts for No Slip Comfort

Bib shorts use a neck strap rather than an elastic waistband to keep the shorts from sliding down. This makes them a great option for mountain bikers and women with shorter torsos. The strap also distributes pressure evenly across the waist. 

Color and Print Options

SheBeest's women's bike shorts are available in an array of solid colors and eye-catching prints. From abstract patterns to floral designs and geometrics, there's something for everyone. Complete your look with coordinating jerseys, adding a touch of fashion to your ride.

Mix and match solids with prints to create your unique style statement. Plus, our compression leggings in matching prints allow you to carry your style beyond the ride.

SheBeest's cycling apparel seamlessly blends functionality for riding with everyday style. Embrace your personal fashion sense while enjoying a delightful ride.

Choosing the Right Chamois

With various chamois types available, it is essential to have a good understanding of which padding best suits your specific riding needs. Different types of chamois offer distinct benefits, and choosing the right one can greatly enhance your overall cycling experience.

Anatomy-Specific Padding Types

SheBeest understands that everybody is different. That's why our chamois pads are specifically crafted for the female anatomy, ensuring a pleasant ride without inconveniences. The pads are strategically shaped and padded to relieve pressure on sensitive areas like sit bones and soft tissue.

We focus on finding the perfect balance between form and function, prioritizing your enjoyment while keeping you cool during your ride.

Chamois Care Guidance

Caring for your chamois is crucial to maintain their padding and moisture-wicking properties.

We advise rinsing padded shorts gently after every ride and using a mild detergent, then air drying them completely. Avoid fabric softeners or dryer sheets, as they hinder moisture wicking. In addition, apply chamois cream before long rides to prevent chafing and reapply as necessary during your ride.

By following these steps, your chamois pads can endure many miles on the bike. Replace them when the padding wears out, or they lose their effectiveness.

#1 Top-Rated SheBeest Shorts

With a focus on quality and women-specific design, SheBeest offers some of the best cycling shorts for female riders.

Pick #1: Ultimo Shorts

Image of the popular Ultimo Shorts from SheBeest.

SheBeest's Ultimo shorts provide female cyclists with classic, easy-to-wear shorts for comfortable rides. The Shelastic 1.0 chamois is designed with your utmost comfort in mind. With its advanced 4-way stretch technology, it effectively prevents chafing and irritation during your rides. In addition, the flatlock seams provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring a smooth and irritation-free experience.

Size comparisons for SheBeest's Ultimo shorts.


The 7-inch inseam strikes the perfect balance, offering sufficient coverage without any uncomfortable bunching. Plus, the ELASTIC-LESS waist and GRIPPER-FREE leg openings contribute to your overall contentment, especially while pedaling.

Pick #2: Pre-Dyed Petunia Bib Shorts

An image of the Pre-Dyed Petunia Bib Shorts from SheBeest.


SheBeest's Petunia Bib Shorts deliver support, performance, and style for female cyclists. The innovative bib design makes bio breaks easy and eliminates chest pressure. In addition, the anatomically crafted Shelastic 2.0 chamois pad, equipped with 4-way stretch, seamlessly adapts to your body, enhancing your pedaling without any hindrance.

These shorts also come with a convenient back pocket for your essentials and feature vibrant prints that perfectly match SheBeest jerseys, ensuring you ride in style and function - all in one.

Padded Cycling Shorts FAQ

How to Choose the Right Size?

It's important to select the right size cycling shorts for comfort and performance. Refer to the size chart and measure your waist and hips. The waistband should be snug to stay in place, but not too tight. The leg length should hit mid-thigh without compressing. Choose a size that fits your largest measurement.

How to Care for Padded Shorts?

  • Wash cycling shorts after every 1-2 rides to remove sweat and bacteria

  • Use a gentle detergent and wash on cold or warm setting

  • Avoid fabric softeners and bleach that can break down padding

  • Air dry or tumble dry on low heat to preserve the chamois

  • Inspect shorts regularly and retire once the chamois loses its shape

What Makes SheBeest Different?

We set ourselves apart by exclusively designing cycling apparel for female riders. Our women's padded bike shorts feature anatomic cuts and women-specific chamois to provide exceptional comfort. We use high-quality technical fabrics and flattering styles you can wear from studio to trail.

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