Why spin class? I’ll tell you why! At first I was hesitant to try spin class thinking that it would be boring & not as good of a work out. Man was I wrong!! Spin is a fun, excellent way to strengthen your heart &  tone your legs & booty.  Let’s face it ladies, who of us doesn’t want that! It feels great to know that in 45 min you can burn up to 400-600 calories and depending on how fast you pedal, a 45 minute class is the equivalent to 15-20 miles. What makes me feel confident when I spin is my Shebeest capris! I love these capris not only are they cute, but they function so well! The dry fit material is breathable, and so comfortable! They stay in place and the thin chamois is the perfect amount for a comfortable, “not even there” ride. Its never a bad thing to hear all the compliments on my Shebeest capris either! They make me feel like a true SHE- BEEST!!
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