Design for Free with Our Team


Do you charge for designing artwork?

First off we want to state that we work hard with each and every customer to avoid any additional art fess to keep the design process free of any charge! However, we have had to establish a few limitations. Within our Custom process we are happy to provide 1 FREE initial design. With this initial design, we allow up to 4 FREE edits* to adjust / dial in your design for your specific needs. If an edit is desired beyond the 4 FREE edits provided, a minimal art fee is applied per edit ($30).

  • If an additional design option is desired, we require a $50 art fee per additional design we generate. Please note that new designs also allow 4 edit cycles within said design.
  • If the initial provided FREE design needs to go into a complete different direction, we require a re-design fee of $50. Please note that new designs also allow for 4 edit cycles within said design.
  • If you have logos or any other specific graphic/s that need to be re-created / created there may be a small fee required to recreate**.

Prior to any art fee, one of our Custom artists will notify that your request would require an extra fee and discuss options with you. Please note that fees must be collected at the point of incurrence, and will be invoiced prior to the continuation of work.

* Edit: A proof edit is defined as any request to manipulate the existing design, specifically in color / logo placement / and minor manipulation of the initial concept (an edit is not defined per element adjusted, but per submitted request; a singular edit could contain multiple adjustments). Note that any major adjustment to the base design is no longer qualified as an edit and will be treated as an additional / new design (please note applicable fees above).

** Recreation: If a logo or graphical element is submitted in a none vector format or any low-resolution format it would be recommended to recreate for accurate printing. However, if you wish to waive the fee we can print your graphic as submitted (please note that degradation or undesirable results may occur). Specific fees are based on complexity of graphic to recreate. A large portion of graphics have the fee waived, or the graphic receives a minimal fee ($30).