Love Notes


We love getting mail from shebeest fans! Want to send us a Love Note? Drop us an e-mail at

We love getting mail from shebeest fans! Want to send us a Love Note? Drop us an email at

"I love my Pedal Pushers, and hope to be able to purchase more shebeest clothes this summer in plus sizes."

Whitney S.

"I wear shebeest on and off the bike. [Breezer] Boardshorts at the shop for a comfortable test ride, and S-Pro short when I am trying to show my husband who is boss on the bike."

Ginger T.

"I love, love, love my shebeest jersey because IT FITS!!!"

Sherry W.

"shebeest realizes that women are shaped like women and shape their jerseys that way."

Lisa K.

"Pedal Pusher knickers!!! Triple S shorts!!! Heck, ANY shorts. It's rare to find a pair of cycling shorts that don't have lycra that shines when stretched AND the fabric doesn't thin to the point of being sheer when stretched."

Julie K.

"It is the Triple S shorts! They have the most comfy pad ever! Good for long hot rides!"

Laura C.

"I have a pair of Pedal Pusher knickers that cushioned my tush all over Europe when I studied abroad in college. From frozen Dolomite passes to the cobbles of Firenze, I was proud to ride in comfort and style worthy of my Italian friends! I've worn the same pair for years and they look as good as new; wish I could say the same of some of my other cycling bottoms!"

Sara C.

"S-Pro shorts, for certain. I did a 620-mile ride last fall. On day one, I wore S-Pros. Day two, a different brand. I. Had. Welts. Seriously, not just chafing. It was horrible. I went online, ordered a second pair of S-Pros and had them overnighted to my hotel for day four. Washed my original S-Pros and never wore anything else for distance again. After a bike accident this spring I am down to one pair again. Please, please bring them back! Soon."

Lisa M.

"The Triple S shorts and the sleeveless jerseys. It's not about the clothes but how the clothes made me feel: Stylish and fast!"

Mary C.

"There are no better cycling skirts. shebeest are hands down, most flattering, best fitting. Thank you!"

Michelle B.

"Anywhere I can get Boardrider Capris? Online? Or raid another woman's closet? Desperate!"

Karen K.

"Triple S shorts: The best shorts EVER!"

Paula E.