My work out:

I’m Patty Nilsen

I ride bikes. I learned to ride a bike in patent leathers and began bicycle touring with my dad when I was ten, in a cut off t-shirt, headband and Lego blue spandex shorts. Little has changed.  Cycling is still my passion as much as looking good while doing so is.

I ride a townie bike with my kids to school and to work, I ride a road bike through the back roads of CO, when it snows I put my bike on a trainer and spin indoors, I ride my full suspension MTB at Valmont bike Park and down rocky trails, I ride my cruiser bike to restaurants to avoid parking and driving home. It’s safe to say the Bike embodies my life.

I’ve raced mountain bikes, 24 hr races and triathlons for nearly 20 years.  In recent years I’ve begun cyclocross racing.  A great mom sport because a race is typically only 45 minutes – 45 minutes of cardio hell – and a great spectator sport because you lap a course several times.  But frankly, I race so I can train.

When I showed up at my first cyclocross race I realized I was the only one without an affiliation.  Resorting to my athletic apparel design background I decided to create my own team.  The idea went Herbal Essence- viral and grew from my original 5  friends telling 5 friends and today, team ten20 includes 175 women.

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